Western Regional Championship

After two long days of preliminary debate rounds in Tacoma, Giraldine Duff and I ranked second at the 2017 United States Universities Western Regional Championship. We then advanced through the quarter and semifinal rounds to finish runner up in the final round. Our novice team, Drake Miyake and Anna Davide, broke to novice finals. Giraldine ranked fifth best speaker, and for the first time at an off-island tournament, I ranked top speaker.

Thanks to Justin Eckstein for hospitality, Jacob Witt for efficient tabbing, and Josh Martin for "creative" info slides. You three, and many more who I cannot name, ran a superb tournament. Congratulations to the other finalists from Alaska and Willamette, and especially to the fantastic champion team from Denver.

As always, thanks to our coaches: Jonathan, Daniel, Cody, Justin. Without your support these last two years, we wouldn't be able to compete at this high level. We take all our training and tournament experience with us to Denver in three weeks for nationals!