In 2013, I graduated from college, applied to Harvard, slammed, rapped, debated, loved, read, wrote, cried, coached, worked, mentored, organized, and learned. I'm grateful for all the opportunities I've been granted and indebted to my family and friends who have enabled my success and happiness.

2014 is the year I reclaim a pain free existence. For four years, I've struggled with constant pain in my knees ranging from a minor discomfort to an inability to stand. This year, I will stop shaming myself for the frailties of my frame. My father and half-sister have also met this arthritic fate, so in 2014, I am reorienting my efforts: changing my diet, stretching more, and finding a personal solution to this problem.

In 2014, I will also be occupying two new paid positions: poetry coach at 'Iolani School and afterschool poetry instructor at Kawananakoa Middle School, my alma mater. I'm grateful for the forces that allow me to earn a living doing what I love, and I'm committing myself to the independent study of poetry and pedagogy while I await word of my acceptance to the Harvard Graduate School of Education. This year will be an adventure, and I'm looking forward to it!